Mobile / APP
Mobile website, native APP, API development, H5 single page and other mobile terminal products custom development!
Mobile site

Websites that can be viewed in various environments such as mobile browsers, WeChat, and independent apps

APP development

Mobile APP client development for two major platforms, IOS and Android

API development

APP and web server development, providing standardized API technical documents

H5 single page

Provide H5 highly compelling single-page development in the form of events, registration, recruitment, etc.

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Your ideas combined with our professional technology and service capabilities to produce the products you want, is not a hard-shell development.
Development specifications
Using SVN / GIT and other tools for code version control can trace the history of source code, and the technical documentation is more standardized.
Fast response
Regardless of project development or after-sales maintenance phase; engineers respond quickly and respond to emergency issues as usual after work hours.
safe and stable
Real-time monitoring of the server cluster operation status and resource occupancy rate; the program automatically performs database data backup.
Complete delivery
All output such as the domain name / space / recording account, source code, and technical documents are delivered to Party A.
Perfect after sales
No less than one year after-sales service period, including fault repair, record keeping, backup, security protection, problem consultation, etc.
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  • Red Net Graphic Live
  • Supreme Car Rental Official Website
  • Hunan Red Net New Media Group

    This live broadcast system is a graphic live broadcast + netizen interaction system. Rednet has a moment news app. The web version also includes a live graphic broadcast system. However, the previous system did not include the netizen interaction function. This is not enough interaction. Therefore, a live picture system was added to the Red Net Forum, with user interaction.

    The main difficulty of this project is the performance problem in the case of the Red Net's tens of millions or more data volume, and the seamless connection with the main system. For example, the main system content audit is divided into three-level audit mechanism, and the system needs to be guaranteed. Stability (passed the test of college entrance examination live broadcast).

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  • Changsha Supreme Car Rental Co., Ltd.

    This project is the official website of the supreme car rental company's PC, including self-driving car rental and driving car rental information browsing and booking, corporate car rental application and booking, company business introduction, etc. At the same time through the website and mobile phone text message, the user's mobile phone can Get a notification message in real time, you can contact the appointment customer immediately, operation management does not need to sit in front of the computer at all

    This project is the company's official website. It only adds online booking functions based on display and marketing. We optimize the UI design, interface writing, and user experience. For example, the real-time notification function helps customers save a lot of management. Time, at the same time make the website user experience better and increase the conversion rate by more than 50%.

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