about us
Jingzhou Tianming Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is committed to the industry for 5 years. It has created a smart and responsive website cloud platform, and built a business model that integrates responsive website technology, cloud architecture and integrated marketing. With the growth of the Chinese Internet, it has experienced 10 years of rapid Internet development, and has accumulated strong independent research and development technologies and rich responsive website development cases.
In the face of the rapidly changing Internet trend, the 2014 “Zanzan” responsive marketing cloud platform overcomes technical difficulties and independently builds the SaaS cloud platform as the framework, with “quick response website building + full-dimensional integrated marketing” as the core, from the past limited Customized website building operations are transformed into integrated marketing operations, leading to the realization of intelligent responsive technology and website visual editing solutions, which not only provides the functions of a full-device intelligent responsive system, but also integrates a good user experience and multi-level optimization guidance to penetrate the Internet + In all-dimensional integrated marketing operation management, its innovative business model integrates key elements of the industrial chain, and truly has the overall marketing of corporate development needs. It provides companies with a diverse, efficient, and easy-to-use website management method to meet the needs of various enterprises. System upgrades in different phases.
While learning from the Internet, Zanzan will further integrate high-quality enterprise service providers, introduce and develop more applications that practically address the needs of enterprises, strive to integrate perfectly with the ecological Internet +, and dig deeper into the deeper points of sustainability. , Output intelligent, excellent, innovative and integrated product concepts, comprehensively build a one-stop platform, release ecological-level Internet + influence, help enterprises comprehensive Internet + transformation and upgrade, and create new territories of brand Internet value.
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