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Jingzhou Dajiangyun Network Technology is people-oriented and humanized service. A website is unavailable to customers regardless of spam or perfect delivery, which is equal to zero. ,赢得市场,赢得客户! The service concept of Jingzhou Dajiangyun Network Technology is: technology + marketing + service model , win the market, win customers!

1.1 After sales service

1. Answer customers' questions about website technology and maintenance, web page updates and database system maintenance.

2. Web content backup.

3. Website information tracking.

4. Provide year-round service hotline telephone support (17771615219).

5. Conduct personnel training according to customer needs.

6. Login the website to search engines such as Baidu and Google for free.
7.Provide SEO services and SEO training

8. Free ICP filing procedures for non-operating websites.

9. Provide all website management related server management accounts, passwords and source files.

10. Long-term cooperation with customers for common development.

1.2 Website Maintenance

1. For the column content that does not need to be updated frequently, Jingzhou Dajiangyun Network Technology provides free text and image web page updates (but the website structure and layout design are unchanged).

2. For the technical problems in the process of using the website, our company is fully responsible for solving (technical support QQ: 在线咨询 ).

Failure response time: General technical problems 2-4 hours, serious system failure problems 12-24 hours (except for hardware or telecommunications network problems).

3. For the above services, the customized website is provided by Dajiangyun Network Technology for free within the first year, and the template / self-service website is 300 / year.

4. In the process of starting the website, new functions or contents need to be added, and additional charges are required. The charging situation depends on the content of the production and the degree of difficulty, and is determined by the two parties through consultation.

After sales phone: 17771615219
Complaint email: 345340585 @

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  • What can you do?
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  • how long it takes?
  • what do I need to do?
  • What information needs to be provided?
  • How about after sales service?

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