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Many customers do n’t understand the difference between a custom website and a template website. The company that Jingzhou does a website analyzes for you as follows: There are several ways to call template website: smart website, self-service website, template website, intelligent CMS system [module website], fast-track Website, etc. A custom website is a page layout design and functional program development based on customer needs, which is called a design website.

1. Different development processes

Customized website formalization process is: customers put forward requirements-homepage design scheme-program improvement-functional testing-debugging-acceptance-handover. The process of building a template is as follows: The customer selects the template-it is opened for use. Compared with designing and developing a website, template website construction saves a lot of steps, which is why template website construction is cheaper. Generally speaking, template website construction is only suitable for customers who want to have a website promotion, regardless of customer experience and online marketing. use.

2. Different development time

A custom website has a longer production cycle than a template site. It requires professional web design artists and programmers, and customers can develop any function. The template site or self-help site is not allowed. Because the price is cheaper, it belongs to the template site. .

3. Advantages and disadvantages of website development:

a. Advantages: The program development is more free, which can give full play to the capabilities of the website developers, make the website more personalized, safer and more stable, and also make the website more scalable. Website is easy to optimize and promote.

b. Disadvantages: Due to the manual development, the labor cost is relatively high, and it requires more resources than other station building methods.

4, template advantages and disadvantages:

a. Advantages: Fast website construction and low achievement, adopted by many network companies that provide corporate website construction services.

b. Disadvantages: The website built lacks personality and simple functions.

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