How to increase website traffic and traffic?

2019-03-23 20:36 Column: Technical School View ( )
In response to the situation that most customers' traffic is not up, and the traffic is very low, the best studios share 5 methods to increase website traffic here:
First, the website's promotion strategy is not good; the traffic cannot go up. If it is not for other reasons, such as the above points listed in this article, it should be because the website used an inappropriate promotion strategy when promoting; website promotion It's a science, it's also an art. It requires the webmaster's friends to have a hardworking and hardworking learning spirit, the courage to innovate, the courage to practice, and work hard to find a strategy suitable for their website promotion. Appropriate methods of borrowing from others are appropriate, but holistic copying is not advisable.
Secondly, the website is updated and maintained; when many webmaster friends first started the website, they were enthusiastic, and the promotion and promotion were also very effective. However, once you relax, the traffic and pr can fall back. The reason is probably that the website is not updated and maintained.
Third, whether the website is unique and unique; whether a personal website needs to be well-developed, stronger, and bigger; it must be innovative, otherwise it is difficult to compete with a website that already has a foothold in this industry.
Fourth, whether the content of the website is rich and whether the original content accounts for a large proportion; the reason why a website is welcomed by netizens is because its content is attractive; if there is good content and good publicity, then such a website is definitely popular welcome. She is not only welcomed by netizens, but also by Baidu and Google.
Fifth, what is the quality of the website pages? If your website is very rough, there is no doubt that the traffic is not so good. Chinese netizens are very picky, especially the speed of opening the webpage is more critical. I hope that you will pay attention to this.
Sixth, website content or business expansion; we can look at large websites such as Baidu and Google, and they continue to expand their business, not to mention our small sites; when our website is done for a certain period of time, we find that there is no traffic. Too many changes, so we should consider whether to expand the business, which can lead to both increased traffic and generous advertising costs.

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