What to pay attention to when exchanging friendship links

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The "neighbors" mentioned here refer to link partners, that is, other exported links on the page where the friendly link is located. For example, in the homepage of website A, there is a friendly link to the homepage of website B, and there are 30 export links to other websites. These 30 websites are all link partners of website B.
As far as current search engine algorithms are concerned, judging the health of link partners is also a criterion for judging the quality of a website. If a website has friendly links in a website with a lot of export links, but most of the link partners are considered by the search engine as cheating and punished, then the website is often considered by the search engine to be of low quality.
Use a vivid but not very apt example to illustrate: if the neighbors around you are good citizens who are law-abiding, then others will even think that you may also be law-abiding; on the contrary, if you live in a bandit In the den, there are bandits around. Although you may get mud and not stain, most people will think you are not a good person. In the same condition of the website, if the link partners of other websites are healthy and high quality, but your link partners are unhealthy and low quality, then at least your website quality will be lower in the eyes of search engines. .
The stability of a friendly link is an important criterion for measuring the goodness of a friendly link, and it is also a criterion that can be easily overlooked. For friendly links, website revisions and page layout changes may cause links to be lost, and sometimes webmasters who specialize in obtaining friendly links by deceptive means will secretly delete some friendly links. Regardless of whether you look at friendly links from a user's perspective or understand them from a search engine's perspective, we hope that friendship links have better stability, that is, the longer the link exists, the better! Many search engine optimization novices are exchanging links It is always exchanged in batches, and then cancelled in batches in a very short period of time. This instability of friendly links has a small effect on promoting search engine optimization, and sometimes it may be regarded as a sale by search engines. Link and get punished.
Under normal circumstances, the longer the friendship link exists, the better. At least 2 to 3 months must exist before it can be regarded as a stable friendship link, and it can also be called an excellent friendship link. If it is a friendship link that has been withdrawn for a week, don't exchange it.

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