Search engine optimization for online companies: how to do the next part

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Website optimization is indispensable in network promotion, and website optimization includes two parts, the first part: on-site, and the other part is off-site. The editor of Chengdu Network's first brand, Jinwang Technology, will now tell you a few practical experiences of off-site optimization. Website optimization site has those methods and tips

Seo Optimization Method: Off-site

Soft text

The length of the article should be about 500 words, the title should be appropriate, and the website news needs frequent updates. Now how to write an article: For example, if your website is customized for website construction and development, then you ca n’t use it on the consulting page. It says "Ma Yuncheng is the richest man in China, or Xiaomi has invested in" and so on. This is completely wrong. Do n’t think it is right. Think from the perspective of the customer. If you are a customer, what do you want? ? This is the most valuable!

Change link

A successful website must have links and high-quality links. This not only drives your rankings but also your weight. You must know how important weight is for a website! In order to know whether the exchanged links are valuable, I believe that all of the Seoers should know how to search, and the webmaster tools can be directly searched. Note: It is best to change the link to the same industry, because it is valuable and as much as possible. Trade links that weigh more than yourself.

External link

If possible, go to various forums to post articles, post some website-related content, "In the world of SEO, content is always king", but to avoid adding hyperlinks, some people put hyperlinks everywhere in order to rise as quickly as possible, The editor of Jinwang Technology reminds you, do n’t do this, it will ruin your website. This kind of result will always go up in a hurry and come down in a hurry ... The best thing is to make the links come naturally. You can add some related keywords, but the soft text should also be original, and you can't copy it on your website and paste it on other forums.

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