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common problem How does a new website appear on the search engine? What about ranking?

2019-03-23View (128)

After we build a website, how do we make it searchable? First we need to submit the URL to the search engine, and then there is SEO technology. SEO is divided into black hat and white hat. Black hat comes fast and fast.
Practical knowledge Can the domain name and server not be on the same service provider for the record?

2019-03-23View (201)

Many customers have a problem when they want to make a website: My domain name already exists and I bought it at Wanwang, and I now want to use Tencent Cloud's server. Can this be recorded? In addition to such problems when face to face with customers, recently on the website ...
Practical knowledge What should I do if my domain name is registered after it expires?

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The domain name was registered after it was registered, so it must be cancelled as soon as possible, otherwise it will be a problem ...